Course/Workshop Date Venue
Make in India Week-IIT Pavilion Feb 13-18, 2016 MMRDA grounds, Mumbai
Make in India Week organized by DIPP, GoI, IIT-Bombay organized the Industry-Academia Partnership Symposium Feb 16, 2016 MMRDA grounds, Mumbai
Startup India Standup India event Jan 16, 2016 New Delhi
Indentation and Tribological Techniques and Applications Aug 21, 2015 IIT-Bombay
AMEC Inauguration and Aerospace leadership Summit July 18, 2015 IIT-Bombay
Composite Convention February 16, 2015 IIT-Bombay
Workshop on Advances in Ion and Electron Beam Techniques in Applied Sciences Nov 13, 2014 IIT-Bombay
Technical Communication Workshop Nov 1-2, 2014 IIT-Bombay
Aerospace Meet Jul 5, 2014 Bangalore
Technical Communication Workshop Jul 3-4, 2014 NAL, Bangalore
Technical Communication Workshop Apr 5-6, 2014 IIT-Bombay