Ongoing projects at NCAIR

Defects in Composite Manufacturing
To model Liquid Composite Molding and conventional Autoclave Processing and use this model for various parameter prediction and development.
Acrylic sheet forming and Moulding
To optimize the process parameters for removal of warpage/optical defects and model sheet thickness variation during forming processes.
Coated cutting tools
To model the friction for ultra hard coated tools in drilling of inconel – 718.
Coolant Additives and Machinability
Study of the effect of the coolant additives on various machining processes
Blades & Blisks Manufacturing
To optimize the machining process parameters to improve surface finish and to reduce cutting forces and tool wear in the 5-axis machining of rotary aero-engine componenets.
Machine Dynamics and stability
To improve profile error and surface finish by assessing vibration characteristics of impeller machining process.